The London Symposium is pleased to announce the e-book publication of its latest Conference Reader, QUESTIONS OF CULTURAL VALUE.


Edited by Phillip Drummond, the volume brings together 30 compact and highly readable essays from around the world based on research presented at FILM & MEDIA 2016: The Fifth Annual London Film & Media Conference.


Established and emerging scholars from 16 countries offer fascinating analytic and critical perspectives on a wide range of international films, TV, and digital media.


The London Symposium 2017 / Kindle e-book (Print Replica) readable on Kindle, i-phone, i-pad, PC, Mac / Available from Amazon at £9.99 / ISBN 978-0-9573631-7-5 / fully bookmarked and searchable.

1 NATIONAL IDENTITIESFrank Scheide, 'Cultural Values and Biases in Post-WWI Hollywood ‘Ruritanian’ Films: The Prisoner of Zenda and the Figure of the Doppelgänger' ● Lela Tsiphuria, 'Moral Values in Contemporary Literature and Film from Georgia: Journey to Africa and The Other Bank'Ana Došen, 'Schizoculture in Japan: Re-inventing Family Values in Noriko's Dinner Table' ●


2 THE AMERICAN DREAMAntonio Sanchez-Escalonilla, 'The Values of the New American Dream: The Case of 'Indiewood' ' ● Pablo Echart, 'The Idea of 'Success' in the Humanist Cinema of Alexander Payne' ● Andrea Rinke, 'Drug Experience Films and the Cultural Values of the American Dream: The Wolf of Wall Street ' ●

3 FILM & TELEVISION IN INDIAMona Sinha, 'The Cultural Values of the Wedding Narrative on Indian Television: Band Baaja Bride'Neerja Vyas & Sushila Shekhawat, 'Cultural Value and Questions of Morality: The Bollywood Biopic' ● Gauri Durga Chakraborty, 'Re-interpreting Family Values in Modern India: Role Reversal and Gender Stereotyping and in Ki & Ka'


4 MEDIA MORALITIES ● Wajiha Raza Rizvi, 'The Censorship of Visual Pleasure in Pakistani Cinema' ● Pauliina Tuomi, 'Moral and Social Values in Finnish Television' ● Chioma Deborah Ekhaeyemhe, 'Reality Television and the Youth Audience in Nigeria: Big Brother Africa'

5 MASCULINITIES ● Nandabalan Panneerselvam, 'Masculinity in Crisis in Post-Imperial Britain: The Television Sitcoms of Tony Hancock' ● Saravanan Mani, 'Cultures of Violence and Justice in The Shield'Carlos A. Rabassó & Francisco Javier Rabassó, 'Trans-gender Roles Under Patriarchy: Mariana Rondon’s Pelo Malo (Bad Hair)'●


6 FEMININITIES ● Angela Tumini & Malin Isaksson, 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Lisbeth Salander: Unique yet Familiar Female Hero' ● Emily Oghale God’spresence, 'African Cultural Values and Female Representation in Nollywood: Iyore'● Phillip Drummond, 'Questions of Gender, Knowledge and Identity In the WWI Film: The Cinematic Mata Hari'●

7 THE AUDIOVISUAL FAIRY TALEIndre Jakucione, 'Family, Femininity and Cultural Anxiety in the Contemporary Fairy Tales of Disney' ● Tamara Barreiro Neira, 'Humour and Protest in Chicano Cinema: Quinceañera' ● Marina Gabelica, 'Videogames - New Forms of Fairy Tale?' ●


8 GENERIC PARADIGMSSigrun Lehnert, 'Questions of German Art and Culture: The Post-WWII Newsreel' ● Mariana Medeiros Seixas & Frédéric Gimello-Mesplomb, 'Translating Cultural Values through the Aesthetics of the Fashion Film' ● Raffaele Pavoni, 'Interactive Music Videos: The Negotiation of Values between Authors, Audiences and Producers' ●

9 MEDIA ONTOLOGIES ● Gillian McIver, 'Painting, Cinema, and the Exchange of Cultural Value' ● Stuart Richards, 'The Cultural Value of Peripheral Texts in a Transmedia Narrative: The Simpsons Tapped Out'Kristina Graour, 'The Value of 'Wholeness', and the Cancelled Series as 'Incomplete' Text: The Case of Twin Peaks'


10 ENGAGING AUDIENCESAlison Wilde & Stephen Millett, 'The Cultural Value of Cinematic Representations of Disablement: Young People’s Understandings of Finding Nemo'Jani Wilson, 'The Silent Māori Audience: Contemporary Resistance to Historical Film - The Seekers'Ruchika Gurung, 'Media Education and Cultural Violence: The Role of Participatory Media' ●