Images from FILM AND MEDIA 2011/LONDONICITY 2011

Early Bird Alan Taylor from South Africa receives the first Conference bag of the event from Head of Conference Services Dorothy Leng

The historic first bag and badge

Alan runs into three members of the Events Team on their way to work. The Day 1 official t-shirt - bearing the 1940s motto 'Keep Calm and Carry On' - is a major clue. Left to right: Lynne Horgan, Poppy Lury, Mary Coughlin

At LONDONICITY 2011, members of the 'Olympic Visions' Panel. Left to right: Clare Louise Mackay (Glasgow Caledonian), Ozlem Edizel (London Metropolitan) and Marzieh Khanmohammadi (Independent Scholar)

The 'Olympic Visions' Panel at work

Distinguished journalist and broadcaster Yasmin Alibhai-Brown brings LONDONICITY 2011/FILM AND MEDIA 2011 to a fitting close with her moving tribute to London in a Keynote Speech entitled A Settler's London: Tales of Migration, Multiculturalism and Resistance