The detailed Draft Schedule was circulated to Speakers in early June. The full 166-page Conference Programme, including all Abstracts and further detailed information, will be available at the event.


Tuesday 12 July 2011 (09.00am-1.00pm)


Registration 09.00-10.15am (Registration then continues throughout)


Keynote Addresses 10.30am-1.00pm


Mike Seaborne (LONDONICITY 2011)

Robert C. Allen (FILM AND MEDIA 2011)


Tuesday 12 July 2011 (2.00-3.30pm)




MED1 'Architectural Space in Film and Television' (Cairns/Maciel/Davidson)

MED2 'Cinematic Bodies in Global Space and Digital Times' (Fleming/Chen, Yun-Hua/Pekerman)

MED3 'Film and TV Families' (Mann/Bokiniec/Poetter)

MED4 'The Film and TV Text' (1) (Pavlou/Rebecchi/Lin)

MED5 'Intercultural Media' (1) (Krayem/Hoffmann/Karayianni)

MED6 'The Life and Death of Current Affairs TV' (Goddard/McQueen/Horne)

MED7 'Media Design' (Kok Li-Ming/Bernal-Trivino/Mizsei-Ward)

MED8 'Media Ontologies' (1) (Hovet/Mahoney)

MED9 'New Forms of Production' (Ellis/Weinstein/Watson)


Tuesday 12 July 2011 (4.00-5.30pm)




MED10 'African Identities' (Ohwovoriole/Reid/Way/Taylor)

MED11 'Film and Television Documentary' (Yasin/Stine/Daniels)

MED12 'The Film Text' (2) (James/McArthur/Brinkema/Flood)

MED13 'French Cinema' (Chen, Ya-Wen/Roland/Richardson/Rowlins)

MED14 'Media Audiences' (Nitikasetsoontorn/Stuart/Mirfakhraee & Taherinia/Uspenski)

MED15 'Media Ontologies' (2) (Carrington/Rahim/Cottle)

MED16 'Mediating Health' (Adeniyi/Bierski/Niquette)

MED17 'Queerdom' (Wilks/Girelli/Chen, Yuen-Cai/Heintzman)

MED18 'Representing Religion' (1) (Esseghaier/Sayed/Karim/Westbrook)

MED19 'Stardom and Celebrity' (Bonner/Edge/Eaton/Wintle)


Wednesday 13 July 2011 (9.30am-11.00am)




MED20 'Black Film and TV: American and British Perspectives' (Dudrah/Ndounou/Duncan)

MED21 'Experimental Media' (1) (Wright/Alfieri/Meissner)

MED22 'Israeli and Palestinian  Cinemas' (Burstyn/Barkai/Bernstein & Mandelzis)

MED23 'Masculinities' (Deakin/Field/Van Eynde)

MED24 'Media Theory' (Smith/Hulse/Boumeester)

MED25 'National Identity' (1) (Rizvi/Mokhtar/Dede)

MED26 'The Public Interest' (Buxton/Lefevre-Gonzalez/Paterson)

MED27 'Science and Ecology' (Morris/Ceausu/Nakai)

MED28 'Social Representation' (Meyer/Barnes/McCaig)

MED29 'TV and Regional Identity' (Thompson/Burnay/Vozhdaeva)


Wednesday 13 July 2011 (11.30am-1.00pm)


MED30 'Censorship and Media Ethics' (Naz/Amizah/Antoniou)

MED31 'Experimental Media' (2) (Charleson/Bolognesi/Hawkins)

MED32 'Film and Television Landscapes' (Verdoodt/Carrier-Lafontaine/Martens/Drummond)

MED33 'Media in the Philippines' (Mantes/Vinculado/Alvina-Acosta)

MED34 'National Identity' (2) (Grendelova/Kulchynska/Suwannakij/Abou Zeid)

MED35 'Questions of Authorship and Genre' (1) (Ramos/Laranjinha/Buchweitz)

MED36 'Race, Social Class, and Gender' (Dunn/Barrett/Jensen & Ringrose/Brown)

MED37 'Representing Religion' (2) (Ali/Khan & Bokhari/Khan, S)

MED38 'Social Media' (Mustaffa et al/Chin/Constandinides)

MED39 'Turkish Cinema' Kotaman & Avci/Guclu/Avci)


Wednesday 13 July 2011 (2.00pm-4.30pm)


Keynote Addresses


David Gilbert (LONDONICITY 2011)

Julian Petley (FILM AND MEDIA 2011)


Wednesday 13 July 2011 (5.00pm-9.00pm)


Conference Reception

Music by Klezmer Klub

Ken Loach 75th Birthday Tribute Screening: Ae Fond Kiss


Thursday 14 July 2011 (10.00am-1.00pm)




MED40 'Cinema from Hong Kong and Taiwan' (Zhou/Liao/Chang/Pang)

MED41 'Crime Fictions' (Cohen, R/Ioannidou/Edwards/Formica)

MED42 'Feminism and Post-Feminism' (Matron/Agirre/Jermyn/Winch)

MED43 'Indian and British Asian Film and Television' (Singh/Veluvolu/Malik/Lewis)

MED44 'Intercultural Media' (2) (Smaill/Wu/Eken/Lourenco)

MED45 'Japanese Film and Media' (Hatori/Marshall/Sharp/Pena Jr.)

MED46 'Postmodern Film and Media' (Bishop/Grundy/Randell/Wood)

MED47 'Questions of Authorship and Genre' (2) (Sousa/Martins/White/Fisher)

MED48 'Representations of History' (Padva/Watkinson/Kobrynskyy)

MED49 'Television Histories' (Wyver/Escue/Macdonald/Jacobs)


Thursday 14 July 2011 (2.00pm-4.30pm)


Keynote Addresses


Michael Tracey (FILM AND MEDIA 2011)

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown (LONDONICITY 2011)