Registered Speakers 10: VANDA to ZAGLEWSKI


Abongile Vanda (Film and Publications Board, South Africa)

Content Regulation in the Era of Media Convergence:

The South African Experience


Dr. Christa van Raalte (Teesside University, UK)

Renegotiating the Spectacle:

Authorship and the Gaze in Bigelow's Zero Dark Thirty


Dr. Sathyaraj Venkatesan (National Institute of Technology, India)

The Spectacle of AIDS: Mapping Indian Queer Cinema, 1985-2010


Jaap Verheul (New York University, USA)

Media Convergence and the Pan-European Audience: The Spiral


Dr. Gerald Vorhees (Oregon State University, USA) 

Sportive Videogaming:

The Spectacle of Manhood and the Rationalization of Play


Scott Wark (University of Melbourne, Australia)

Media Aesthetics and Network Relations


Rayma Watkinson (University of Technology Sydney, Australia)

Disrupting the Ethnographic Spectacle: Jean Rouch's Les maitres fous


Nathaniel Weiner (York University, Canada)

Fashion, Film and Subculture: The Button-Down Shirt


Linda Wight (University of Ballarat, Australia)

Pleasure, Masculinity, and the Spectacle: Skyfall


Dr. Heidi Wilkins (University of Essex, UK)

Spectacular Soundscapes in Jurassic Park


Prof. Louis-Paul Willis (University of Quebec, Canada)

Beyond Lolita: Traversing the Cinematic Fantasy of Girlhood

Dr. Kit Wise (Monash University, Australia)

Rethinking De-realisation: The Ethics of the Spectacle


Ryan Mitchell Wittingslow (University of Syndey, Australia)

Cinematic Spectacle and the Ontology of Film


Dr. David Woods (nottingham Trent University, UK)

High Frame Rate Cinema: A Cultural Mapping


Elena Woolley (King’s College, University of London, UK)

The Unlikely Pleasures of the Destructive Spectacle


Dr. I-fen Wu (Tamkang University, Taiwan)

Spectacles of Asian Minimalism: The Long Shot/Long Take Stylistics of Contemporary East Asian Cinema


Dr. Esther Yau (University of Hong Kong, SAR)

Martial Arts Spectacle and Cultural Memory in Trans-local Hong Kong Action Cinema


Tomasz Zaglewski (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland)

Post-Cinematic Experience; The Spectacle of IMAX