Registered Speakers 6: KWOK to MACIEL



Juanita Kwok (Charles Sturt University, Australia)

Spectacle and Subversion in Trenchard-Smith's The Man from Hong Kong


Andree Lafontaine (Concordia University, Canada)

Lesbian Pleasures and Dorothy Arzner's "Spectacularly Spineless" Men


Katerina Lawless (University of Limerick, Ireland)

Representations of Russia and the Soviet Union in the James Bond Films


Dr. Chin-Pang Lei (University of Macau)

Questions of Stardom and Gender in Post-Colonial Hong Kong Culture: Anita Mui


Dr. Dominique Liao (National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan)

Questions of Violence and Identity in the Gangster Film 


Prof. Wu-tso Lin (Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology)

Love, Anxiety and the City: Woody Allen's Europe


Samanatha Lindop (University of Queensland, Australia)

Postfeminism, Pleasure and Spectacle in Tarantino's Kill Bill


Dr. Alex Ling (University of Western Sydney, Australia)

Lars von Trier and the End of Cinema: Melancholia


Dr. Dario Llinares, Sarah Arnold (Falmouth University, UK)

Rethinking Spectatorship, Space and Spectacle: The Pleasures of the Digital


Dr. Anastasia Logotheti (DEREE, The American College of Greece)

In the Service of the Virtual: Redefining the Internet through Spectacle


Dr. Ines Lourenco (Lisbon University Institute, Portugal)

Watching and Dancing Bollywood in Portugal


Sarah Breen Lovett (University of Sydney, Australia)

Theoretical Intent and Spectacle in Expanded Cinema and Architecture


Robyn Ludwig (Independent Scholar, Victoria, Canada)

From 2D Page to 3D Screen: Intertextual Spectacle in Scorsese’s Adaptation of The Invention of Hugo Cabret 


Dr. Jonathan Lupo (Saint Anselm College, USA),

Dr. Chani Marchiselli (Saint Anselm College, USA)

Television and Its Vampires: The Spectral Trance of Binge Viewing


Dr. Fabrice Lyczba (Universite Paris Est, Creteil, France)

The Peformance of Cinematic Realism:

Engaging the Audience of the 1920s


Prof. John F. Lyons (Joliet Junior College, Illinois, USA) 

London in the American Imagination, 1945 to the Present 


Dr. Maria Ester Maciel (Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil) 

Cinema as Cross-Media Project: The Work of Peter Greenaway