Conference Goals


FILM AND MEDIA 2014, the fourth edition of The Annual London Film and Media Conference, extends a warm welcome to contributors from around the world.


FILM AND MEDIA 2014 is open to anyone with an interest in film and media affairs. Our Conference Community includes not only academics, researchers and practitioners, but also people from many walks of life connected to the wide range of topics suggested in the Call for Papers. 


We therefore invite you to attend FILM AND MEDIA 2014 either to present a Paper as a Speaker or to attend Panels and events as a Delegate.


Through the sharing of Papers, Presentations, Keynote Addresses and social gatherings, the Conference aims to provide


  • a convivial meeting place for scholars, researchers and film and media professionals from the UK and worldwide


  • a lively forum for the presentation and exchange of critical, theoretical and practice-oriented ideas and understandings about film and media


  • a test-bed for new approaches to film and media research, curriculum building and professional development


  • an annual location for film and media discussion and debate in one of the great media capitals


Please see our numerous international appreciations elsewhere on this website for an impression of the success of our previous conferences.