Registered Speakers T-Y




Prof. Dubravka Težak and

Dr. Marina Gabelica (University of Zagreb, Croatia)

Videogames: New Forms of Fairy Tale?

Dr. Soraya Tharani (Malmö University, Sweden)

YouTube Aid Campaigns: Celebrities, Values and Calls to Action

R.J. Tougas (Independent Scholar, Canada)

Justice-Making and Appropriated Music

in Quentin Tarantino’s Cinema of Revenge

Dr. Lela Tsiphuria

(Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Georgia)

Moral Values in Contemporary Literature and Film from Georgia: 

From The Journey to Africa to The Other Bank


Dr. Pauliina Tuomi (Tampere University of Technology, Finland)

Moral and Social Values in Finish Television

Alireza Vahdani (Oxford Brookes University, UK)

Gender and Suicide in the Western:

John Ford’ s Three Godfathers and Seven Women

Emily Verba Fischer (University of Cincinnati, USA)

The Micro Moving Image: Form, Functionality and Cultural Value

Dr. David Wall (Utah State University, USA)

Hollywood’s Grammar of Blackness:

The Cinematic Legacy of Birth of a Nation


Sven Weidner (University of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria)

The Changing Family Values of Rural America in US Independent Cinema:

Frozen River and I Used to be Darker

Dr. Alison Wilde (Leeds Beckett University, UK)

The Cultural Value of Cinematic Representations of Disabled People

Dr. Jani Wilson (Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand)

Cinema and Cultural Identity: The Silent Maori Audience

Marion Yakova (Glasgow Caledonian University, UK)

A Critical Analysis of Representations of Learning Difficulties

in British Television Drama