Keynote Speakers


Prof. Yvonne Tasker

The Cultural Value of Popular Cinema


YVONNE TASKER is Pofessor of Film Studies and Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the University of East Anglia, one of Britain’s pioneer universities in the field of Film and Television Studies. Her research is broadly concerned with the politics of popular culture. In current and recent work she has explored these issues in relation to popular constructions of ‘postfeminism’, gender and military culture on screen, action and advanture narratives, and crime TV.


Her publications include Spectacular Bodies: Gender, Genre and the Action Cinema (1993), Working Girls: Gender and Sexuality in Popular Cinema (1998), The Silence of the Lambs (2002), Fifty Contemporary Film Directors (ed, 2nd ed, 2010), Soldiers' Stories: Military Women in Cinema and Television since World War II (2011), Gendering the Recession: Media and Culture in an Age of Austerity (co-ed., 2014), Fifty Hollywood Directors (co-ed., 2014) and The Hollywood Action and Adventure Film (2015).


Prof. Graham Murdock

The Cultural Value

of Media and Communications


GRAHAM MURDOCK is Professor of Media and Communications at the University of Loughborough, UK, one of Britain’s pioneer universities in the field. Graham has also held the Leerstoel (Teaching Chair) at the Free University of Brussels, the Bonnier Chair at Stockholm University, served as Professor II at the University of Bergen, and has held visiting professorships at a number of other universities including Auckland, California at San Diego, Curtin (Western Ausralia), Mexico City, and Helsinki.

He has also taught at a number of universities in China including: Peking, X’ian, and the Shanghai School of Arts. In 2012 he was appointed Visiting Fellow in the School of Journalism at Fudan University in Shanghai and awarded an honorary professorship by the Chongqing Technology and Business University.

His numerous publications range from Televising ‘Terrorism’: Political Violence in Popular Culture (with Philip Schlesinger nd Philip Elliott, 1983) to Media in the Age of Marketization (with Janet Wasko, 2007) and The Handbook of Political Economy of Communication (with Janet Wasko and Helena Sousa, 2011). His writings have been widely anthologised, incorporated into university curricula around the world, and have been translated into nineteen languages.