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The Third Fifth Anual London Film and Media Conference 

is organised by Academic Conferences London Ltd. 


Academic Conferences London Ltd


Founded in 2010, we are a tiny independent company dedicated to the high quality provision of academic services which connect the world of Higher Education with the broader community of study and learning. 


Our team has long-term experience in UK Higher Education, including a substantial background in Film, Media, and Cultural Studies.


We work to high professional standards on a volunteer basis. None of our directors receive payment for their work. 


The company was founded by Phillip Drummond, who has over 40 years of experience in British Higher Education, including two decades' service in the University of London. He currently teaches for New York University in London. 


Honorary Advisory Board


Our events are supported by a specialist Advisory Board comprising a wide range of distinguished experts in teaching and research in various aspects of Film, Media, Culture and Communication. Please see web-page below for details.


How to contact us: Conference Proposals


To propose a Paper or Panel to FILM AND MEDIA 2016: The Fifth Annual London Fim and Media Conference please complete the online form available elsewhere on this website. 


Kindly note that Conference proposals are only accepted by means of this form.


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Kindly note that we are unable to respond to unsolicited business communications.


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