The London Symposium is pleased to announce the release of The London Film & Media Reader 4: Visions of Identity - Global Film & Media.


Edited by Phillip Drummond, the volume is a fully-edited collection of essays based on Papers presented at the Fourth Annual London Film & Media Conference in 2014.


Offering an informative panorama of international research in the field, this wide-ranging volume brings together 43 compact and readable essays from emerging and established scholars in nearly two dozen countries around the world.


National and Institutional Contexts


The first Part of the Reader looks at ‘National and Institutional Contexts’ in terms of authorial identities, cinema and national identity in Britain, Thailand, Nigeria and Latin America, trans-national projections, intercultural adaptations, and the practice of journalism.


Nadine Seligmann  The Director as Star: Alfred Hitchcock • Anna Tarragó and Sue Ramspott The Identity of Fear in the Work of Michael Night Shyamalan • Douglas Muzzio British Identities on Film: The Long Good Friday,  My Beautiful Laundrette, and The Full Monty Unaloam Chanrungmaneekul Contestations of Identity In Contemporary Thai Cinema • Luiza Lusvarghi  The Crime Genre and Social Practice In Latin America • Maikudi Abubakar Zukogi  Challenges of Otherness: The Politics of Representation in the Hausa Film Industry


Katerina Lawless Representations of Russian Identity In the James Bond Films • Cláudio Roberto Viera Braga From ‘National’ to ‘Global’: Luhrmnn’s Reinterpretation of Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby Caroline Grose The Challenges of Re-making Comedy across Cultures: Kath & Kim •  K. Brenna Wardell National Identity and Global Television: Re-making Australia’s Rake for American Audiences • Siti Ummi Kalthum Othman Understanding Professional Routines and Identities: Print Media in Brunei • Bahar Ayaz Journalism and the Virtual World: Second Life


Critical Tropes


The second Part of the volume considers ‘Critical Tropes’ such as place, history, ethnicity, youth culture, cultural anxiety, and the production of identity.


Phillip Drummond Tropes of the Sea: The Mediterranean as Cinematic Sign of Liminality and Difference • Felicity Ford Sensory Transgressions for a Re-imagined Australia • Tatiana Suprun History on Russian Television: Solzhenitsyn’s In the First Circle Geli Mademli Archiving Balkan Film History: The Films of the Manakia Brothers • David E. Isaacs Will Smith and the White Imaginary In Science Fiction Cinema • Golnaz Sarkar Farshi   Racial Identity in a Post-Modern World: Django Unchained


Ellison Domkap Youth Identities on Nigerian Screens • Eileen White Public Intimacy and Popular Music: The Libertines • Laetitia Boccanfuso The Construction of Identity In CSI: Crime Scene Investigation • Magdalena Grabias Vampire Identities in Contemporary Youth-Oriented Cinema and Television • Sandra Mooser Migrant Film-making in Switzerland • Persheng Sadegh-Vaziri The Construction of Self in Personal Documentary Films from Iran • Ahmad Bilal Film-making with a Mobile Phone in Pakistan •


Gendered Identities


The third Part of the ebook focusses on ‘Gendered Identities’, looking at female transformations, women at war, Bollywood women, technology and femininity, the gendered city, stardom and masculinity, serial disturbances, and masculinity in crisis.


Yael Maurer Queering Feminine Identities In Spellbound and Now Voyager Natalya Vodopyanova Gender, Labour, and the Media: The Changing Representation of Businesswomen In U.S. TV Drama • Marina Loginova The Changing Role of Women in the U.S. War Film •  Odile Bodde Torture, Performance, and Post-feminism: Zero Dark Thirty • Aarttee Kaul Dhar Identities Mistaken and Discovered: The Lunchbox  Gauri Durga Chakraborty  Female Identity and the New Bollywood: Goliyon ki Raas Leela Ram Leela, Race 2, and Gulab Gang Sigal Barak-Brandes and David Levin Neoliberalism, Identity, and Agency: Israeli Teenage Girls and Facebook • Aulia Rahmati Wimboyono Faith, Fashion, and Femininity: Muslim Fashion Blogs in Indonesia •   


Heike Steinhoff Lonely Men in the City: Refn’s Drive and McQueen’s ShameSven Weidner Masculinity and the Family In American Independent Cinema • Muhammad O. Bhadmus Reconstructing Visions of Social Identity In Nigeria: Funke Akindele’s Omo GhettoPatrick Pilkington Stardom, Genre, and Masculinity: The Case of Robert Mitchum • David Muiños García Questions of Masculinity: Daniel Craig’s James Bond • Pascale Fauvet Autism on Television? The Big Bang TheoryJudith Fathallah Masculinities Constructed and Deconstructed: Game of ThronesSabrina Zerar Gender and Erotic Performance In Allouache’s Omar GatlatoConstantino Pereira Martins Kierkegaard, Seduction, and Hitchcock’s VertigoGerardo Rodriguez-Salas Masculinity in Crisis: Gender Trauma in Isherwood’s A Single Man and Ford’s Film Adaptation