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How to write a film analysis essay?

Sooner or later, every student is asked to write an essay. The main thing for you is to find a cinematography-related title in the essay topics list.

Done? Now let's see the most crucial tips from movie experts.

Make your choice

Choose any full-length feature film that, in your opinion, is one of the most iconic in the history of cinematography.

Title of the film + synopsis

Indicate the original data of the film - its English-language title, title in the original language (except for English speaking films, respectively), year of release, director, country of filming, two or three key actors.

Describe the plot of the movie (including the ending) and the main characters.

Characteristics of the film

Indicate the genre of the film. Describe a short storyline that demonstrates that the film belongs to this genre (or genres). If this is an auteur piece, indicate why you refer it to this cinematic model.

Academic film analysis papers writing requires answering the next questions:

  • What audience is this movie intended for?
  • Does this film have any predecessors that influenced the creation of this story or followers (remakes)? 
  • To what stylistic direction can it be attributed (if possible)?

Key scenes

As a rule, highly experienced authors from the "write my essay" service select and describe 4-5 scenes of the film that are key. Describe them in detail: what is happening on the screen, how it was filmed. Focus on the questions from the previous paragraph. Accompany each scene with screenshots from the movie to illustrate your description. Pay special attention to the visual style of the film and its analysis.

Conclusion and takeaways

Explain your choice - why this particular film is important and significant for the history of cinema. What is interesting and original in this film?

Finally, think about the commercial success of the masterpiece. Modern society puts a lot of demands on students - they should not only study well and turn in a lot of independent work on time but also find time to find a job and fulfill themselves. At the same time do not forget about rest, otherwise soon you will have to deal seriously with his health. To avoid this, you need to use the help of a platform essay writing service. Just leave an application on the site, specify the topic and deadline and wait for the result. Specialists of the platform will help to cope with the task of any complexity - you will be able to do more important things.

It often turns out that the point is not in the idea but in its implementation. The implementation can be bad already at the stage of the script, or maybe at the stage of filming. By understanding what influenced it in each particular case, you may avoid a lot of mistakes in your work.

If you know the basics of screenwriting, it won't be difficult for you to analyze a film. As elsewhere, regularity is needed here.

After checking the main body of the text, don't forget to summarize your analysis.

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