FILM AND MEDIA 2013: Some Appreciations

We were delighted to receive the following unsolicited appreciations in connection with FILM AND MEDIA 2013.


I would like to say a hearty 'thankyou' for all you did to make FILM AND MEDIA 2013 happen. It was a truly wonderful three days. Not only did I enjoy every single presentation and Q&A session; I came away with tons of new ideas, loads of new contacts, and some new friends! I am so impressed that you managed to get such a range of speakers to commit/turn up/deliver. To see the glorious Laura Mulvey, Joe Ahearne, and Toby Miller was a real treat for me, and the multicultural milieu was right up my street. I thought that the general 'feel' of the event was excellent. Timings were good. Pastries were great. Coffee and tea seemed to be there whenever I wanted it. Bags were lovely. And Phillip, the way that you spoke about and with Mulvey et al was really nice - so informed and appreciative. Academia is pretty new to me. In my twelve years as a secondary school teacher, I never experienced a conference as great as yours. You created an event which inspired and motivated me, and I will always view those three days as pivotal in my journey.

Philippa Maslin (Royal Holloway, University of London, UK)


The friendly and personal atmosphere you brought to last year's event is not something one finds at every academic conference, and much appreciated … I look forward to attending future events.  Thank you for all the hard work and attention to detail that it takes to make them happen.

Professor Frank Scheide (University of Arkansas-Fayetteville)


Thank you very much for the wonderful conference in July 2013. I have attended all three conferences you have organised so far, and found each of them very useful and inspiring.

Dr. Ali Nihat Eken (Sabanci University, Turkey)


I wish to convey my sincere thanks for creating a platform and forum like FILM AND MEDIA 2013 where one gets to interact with scholars from all over the world. It was a three-day journey of discovering new concepts and approaches vis-a-vis Film studies. It was also an introspective time when the Keynote Speakers introduced us to new perspectives. 

Gauri Durga Chakraborti (Amity School of Communication, India)


The friendly and personal atmosphere you brought to last year's event is not something one finds at every academic conference, and much appreciated. Congratulations on another tremendous event … my feeling is that this was the most intimate, cohesive and concentrated of the conferences so far ... a real sense of community built up and sustained itself over the three days.

Nigel Morris (University of Lincoln, UK)


Thank you for such a wonderful conference …. I am already looking forward very much to next year's. It really was a great selection of judiciously-selected and well-presented topics, and I certainly came away positively inspired by the whole event.

Dr. Jasper Sharp (Independent Scholar, UK)


I truly thank you for the outstanding conference. It was memorable. I am making sure that everyone here in Brazil knows about next year’s event.

Raphael de Boer (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil)


It was my pleasure to be part of the conference. I really enjoyed it a lot. It was a great opportunity to encounter other scholars and visit London. I really had a great time.

Marinela Saraci (State University of Durres and Tirana, Albania)


I really did enjoy FILM AND MEDIA 2013, both the Keynote Speaker sessions and the Panels. I would like to congratuIate and thank you and your team for the organisation of the event.

Dr. Elena Oliete-Aldea (University of Zaragoza, Spain)


It was a great pleasure to make a presentation at FILM AND MEDIA 2013. At the event, as in the run-up, I found a very good mix - a friendly and professional atmosphere.

Dr. Teresa Duarte Martinho

(Institute of Social Sciences, University of Lisbon, Portugal)


It was a great conference. And special congratulations for the way you made it so. I am so glad that I could come and meet some great personalities there. It was really a great learning experience for me.

Rajesh James (Sacred Heart College, Thevara, India)

Thank you for organising the Conference so well. It was interesting to hear the various presentations in the different panels on a variety of cinemas of the world.

Dr. Nikhila Haritsa (The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad, India)


Thank you so much for a wonderful conference … the plenary sessions and the theme sessions I attended were very enlightening. Once again thanks for a wonderful experience.

Dr. Vaishali Diwakar (St. Mira’s College for Girls, India)


Thank you very much for organising a successful conference. Congratulations! And thanks for giving me the opportunity to participate in FILM AND MEDIA 2013.

V. Vamshi Krishna Reddy (University of Hyderabad, India)


It was pleasure and honour to be a speaker during such a great event as FILM AND MEDIA 2013.

Karolina Albinska (University of Lodz, Poland)


Thank you very much and congratulations. It was a great conference!

Prof. Norberto Minguez-Arranz (University Complutense of Madrid, Spain)


Thank you so much for the organising such a wonderful conference! It was a very interesting scientific forum!
Dr. Nataliya Kononenko (State Institute for Arts Studies, Moscow, Russia)

I would like to congratulate you on another excellent conference. 

Prof. Lawrie Barnes (University of South Africa)


Thanks for the wonderful conference!

Linda Huszar (University of Szeged, Hungary)





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