Registered Speakers 7: MARTINHO to NGUYEN/MCQUEENEY


Dr. Teresa Duarte Martinho

(University of Lisbon Institute for Social Sciences, Portugal)

The Astute Melancolia of Fernando Pessoa:

Exhibition Strategies for João Botelho's Film of Disquiet


Rahoul Masrani (London School of Economics, UK)

Spectacles of Exclusivity and Exclusion: 'Glamorous' London


Dr. Yael Maurer (Tel Aviv University/Kibbutzim Teachers' College, Tel Aviv, Israel)

Englishness and Its Discontents: Morrissey's Every Day is Like Sunday 


Dr. Sandra Meiri (Open University, Israel),

Dr. Odeya Kohen-Raz (Sapir College and Tel Aviv University, Israel)

Visual Pleasure in Crisis: Actors, Characters, Spectators


Sarolta Mezei (University of Debrecen, Hungary)

Interpreting Darkness in Contemporary Ghost Movies


Tracy Miles (University of Technology, Sydney, Australia)

Judy Davis and the Pleasures of Private Performance

Prof. Jane Mills (University of New South Wales, Australia)

From Word to Image: Challenges for Screen Literacy


Prof. Norberto Minguez-Arranz (University Complutense of Madrid, Spain)

The Politics of Memory in Spanish Fiction and Non-Fiction Film:

A Comparative Analysis


Dr. Laura Miranda (University of Oviedo, Spain)

Cinema, Religion and Spanish Politics under Franco: 

Juan de Orduña's Teresa de Jesús


Dr. Sian Mitchell (SAE Institute, Australia)

Deleuzian Affect and the Transformative Film Experience

in Lars von Trier's Melancholia


Dr. Aida Mokhtar (International Islamic University, Malaysia)

Television, Censorship and Nation Building in Malaysia


Lena Möller (Independent Scholar, Germany)

Cinema, Suspense and Spectacle


Prof. Liviai Monnet (University of Montreal, Canada)

Infinity Machines:

Quantum Consciousness in the Animated Films of Mirai Mizue


Ana Moraes (University of Glasgow, UK)

Alternative Cinema Exhibition Venues:

A Threat to the Traditional Theatrical Format?


Jakub Morawski (Jagellonian University, Poland)

The Origins of Pleasure: CInematic Desire


Dr. Sean Moreland (University of Ottawa, Canada)

Violence and Spectatorship

in Laugier's Martyrs and Haneke's Funny Games


Ankhi Mukherjee (English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad, India)

Tintin and the Spectacle of Eastern Europe and the 'Non-West' 


Dr. Pradipta Mukherjee (Vidyasagar College for Women, Kolkata, India)

Woman, Media and Resistance in Contemporary Indian Cinema


Tamas Nagypal (York University, Canada)

The Post-Phallic Spectacle of American ‘Snow Noir’


Prof. Adele Nel (North-West University, South Africa)

The Body as Spectacle: Beauty and Abjection

in Aronofsky’s Black Swan


Brian Neve (University of Bath, UK)

The Crowd as Spectacle in Cold War America:

Cy Endfield's The Sound of Fury/Try and Get Me


Dr. Kim Nguyen (Oregon State University, USA),

Dr. Krista McQueeney (Merrimack College, USA)

Femininity and Meanness in the American Media Landscape




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