Registered Speakers 8: O'DONNELL to SARACI

Dr. Marcus O’Donnell (University of Wollongong, Australia)

Film, Spectacle and Torture: Zero Dark Thirty


Dr. Elenea Oliete-Aldea (University of Zaragoza, Spain)

Visual Pleasures of a Traumatic Past:

Revisiting the Civil War and Francoism in Contemporary Spanish Television


Dr. Beatriz Oria (University of Zaragoza, Sain)

Generic Pleasures: Sanchez Arevalo's Primos, a Spanish 'homme-com'

Dr. Gilad Padva (Tel Aviv University, Israel)

Camp, Oriental Identities and 'Bourekas' Television in the Israeli Gay Sitcom Mommy Queerest (Johnny)


Dr. Samuel Paiva (Federal University of Sao Carlos, Brazil)

Cinema and Music in Brazilian Road Movies, 1960-1980


Federico Passi (RMIT University, Australia)

The Uncanny Pleasures of the Urban Spectacle:

Marvellous Melbourne - City Queen of the South (1910)


Prof. Lisa Pecot-Hebert (DePaul University, USA)

Celebrity and Media Spectacle: Toddlers and Tiaras


Titas Petrikis (Bournemouth University, UK)

Creating a New Sound World for Todd Browning's Dracula (1931)


Barbara Plotz (King's, University of London, UK)

The Spectacle of Fatness in Hollywood Cinema


Steve Presence (University of the West of England, UK) 

Spectacle, Melodrama and Affect in Social-Realist Cinema:

Oldman’s Nil by Mouth 


Dr. Debra Ramsay (Independent Scholar, Leicester, UK)

"Something to See"? War as Spectacle in the First-Person Shooter Videogame


Prof. Kriss Ravetto-Biagioli (University of Calfironia Davis, USA)

Network Identities and Political Dissidence: The Work of Anonymous


Vamshi Reddy (University of Hyderabad, India)

A Critical Analysis of Pre-Independent Telugu Cinema


Tabita Rezaire (Central St. Martins College, London, UK)

Film, Kinetic Theatre and Spectatorship:

The Danse Macabre of Carolee Schneemann


David Evan Richard (University of Queensland, Australia)

Embodied Voyeurism in Campion's In the Cut


Dr. Michael Richardson (Goldsmiths’ College, London) 

The Untouchables: The Making of a Myth 


Wajiha Raza Rizvi (Centre for Research on Pakistani Film/Film Museum, Pakistan) 

Politics, Propaganda and Film Form: 

Battleship Potemkin andTriumph of the Will


Dr. Linda A. Robinson (University of Wisconsin Whitewater, USA)

The Age of Innocence in the Age of Cinematic Remediation


Sam Roggen (University of Antwerp, Belgium)

CinemaScope, Panoramic Perception and the Cinephiliac Moment


Dr. Miriam Ross (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand)

Stereoscopic Affect: Embodied Relations in 3D Cinema


Marinela Saraci (State University of Durres and Tirana, Albania)

Early Pinter and the Theatre of the Absurd: The Room

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