Conference Agenda


Above and beyond the central Conference focus this is once again an 'open agenda' event built around the research interests of the constituency. Our previous events in 2011, 2012 and 2013 involved a total of some 500 presentations from some 40 nations. By way of illustration, here are the titles of some of our previous Panels:


Action Cinema / African Identities / Americana / Animation / Architectural Space in Film and TV / Authorship and Ideology / Black Film and TV / Bollywood / The Body as Media Spectacle / Censorship and Media Ethics / Changing Forms of Exhibition / Cinema and the Psyche / Cinema from Hong Kong and Taiwan / Cinema from India / Cinematic Cities / Crime Fictions / Cultural Connections / Cultural Contexts for British Cinema Darkness, Voyeurism and Desire / Digital Engagements / The Digital Spectacle


Early  Cinema / Ethics and Aesthetics of Virtuality / Expanded Cinema / Experimental Media / Families on Screen / Femininity and Violence   Feminism and Post-Feminism / Film and TV Families / Film and TV Landscapes / French Cinema / Horror and the Uncanny / Film Research from Pakistan / Gender and Genre: The Horror Film Generic Pleasures: Comedy / Independence / Ideas of Documentary / Indian and British-Asian Film and TV / Intercultural Media


Israeli and Palestinian Cinemas / Italian Film and Media / Japanese Film and Media  The Life and Death of Current Affairs TV / Literature and Silent Cinema / Masculinities Media Audiences / Media Design / Media Education / Media in the Philippines / Media Masquerades / Media Ontologies / Media Politics and Religion in America Media / Media Theory / Mediating Health / Mediating Spport / Narrative and Audience


Michael Bay and the Aesthetics of Spectacle / Music Video / Narrative and Genre / Narrative and Ideology / National Identity / Narratives of Conflict / New Forms of Production / Nollywood / The Politics of Cultural Memory in Spanish Film and Television / Postmodern Film and Media / The Public Interest /  Queerdom / Questions of Authorship and Genre / Race, Social Class and Gender / Representing Religion


 Science and Ecology / Social Media / The Social Narratiives of Turkish Cinema / Social Representation / Spectacles of Death and Destruction / The Spectacle of the OtherSpectacles of History / Sound and Image / Stardom and Celebrity / Technologies of Pleasure / Time / Television and Its Audiences / Transnational Encounters TV and Regional Identity / Turkish Media Identitites / TV Histories / UK Popular Culture / US Serial Drama / Violence, Identity and Spectatorship / War

THE LONDON FILM AND MEDIA READER 3 - now available for download!

We are delighted to announce that our latest ebook - The London Film and Media Reader 3 - is now available. 


It is a bumper volume of nearly 700 pages, comprising 60 essays from two dozen countries around the world.


Please see elsewhere on this site for your download.


The six volumes published so far are based on Papers presented at our conferences since 2011:











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