Early Acceptances 2014: CHANAN to FARSHI


Prof. Michael Chanan (Roehampton University, UK), Eduardo Coutinho Commemorative Roundtable ...  Emily Kate Chandler (University of New South Wales, Australia), Power, Agency and Girl Typing in the Children’s Animated Television Series As Told By Ginger ... Dr. Unaloam Chanrungmaneekul (Burapha University, Thailand), Contestations of Identity in Contemporary Thai Cinema ... Dr. Sara Chetin (Richmond University, London, UK), Cinematic Projections of Female Resistance across Cultures ... Yoo Mi Chin (University of California Los Angeles, USA), Korean National Cinema in the Era of Global Capitalism and the Crisis of Neoliberalism ... Dr. Lei Chin-Pang (University of Macau), Nationalism and Its Discontents in Hong Kong Cinema: Four Films about the Kung-fu Master Ip Man ... Dr. Kimburley Choi (City University of Hong Kong), From Place-based Local Consciousness to Translocal Multiplicity: The McDull Films ... 


Jessica Chorneksy (Hunter College/CUNY, USA), Identity and Otherness: Gender, Race and Class in Portrait of Jason and Harlan County ... Joyleen Christensen (University of Newcastle, Australia), The Production and Consumption of Global Celebrity: Marketing Andy Lau ... Prof. Yiu-Wai Chu (University of Hong Kong), Johnnie To's ‘Northern Expedition’: From Milkyway Image to Drug War ... Prof. Anne Ciecko (University of Massachusetts-Amherst, USA), Looking at Looks: Global City Street-style and Mediated Flânerie ... Dr. Theresa Cronin (Middlesex University, UK), Questions of Censorship and Textual Autheniticity: A Serbian Film ... Rocío Elena Cruz (California State University Los Angeles, USA), The Fog of War: Constructions of National Identity in Stone’s Salvador and Mandoki’s Voces Inocentes ... 


Dr. Matthias de Groof (University of Antwerp, Belgium), Questions of Postcolonial Identity in Belgian Cinema ... Dr. Oliver Dew (Meiji Gakuin University, Japan), Resources for National and Familial Memory: Archiving Home Movies in Tokyo ... Ellison Domkap (University of Jos, Nigeria), Youth Identities on Nigerian Screens ... Dr. Glen Donnar (RMIT University, Australia), Narratives of Cultural and Professional Redundancy: Stardom and the 'Geri-action' Film ... Phillip Drummond (New York University in London, UK), Tropes of the Sea: The Mediterranean as Cinematic Sign of Liminality and Difference ... Dr. Tessa Dwyer (University of Melbourne, Australia), Language and Identity Politics on Screen ... Dr. Ali Nihat Eken (Sabanci University, Turkey), What Do Films Tell Us About The World We Live In? Findings from a University Classroom in Turkey ... Golnaz Sarkar Farshi (Zeppelin University, Germany), Racial Identity in a Post-modern World: Django Unchained ... 


THE LONDON FILM AND MEDIA READER 3 - now available for download!

We are delighted to announce that our latest ebook - The London Film and Media Reader 3 - is now available. 


It is a bumper volume of nearly 700 pages, comprising 60 essays from two dozen countries around the world.


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The six volumes published so far are based on Papers presented at our conferences since 2011:











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