Early Acceptances 2014: SADEGH-VAZIRI to UTTERSON


Persheng Sadegh-Vaziri (Temple University, USA), The Construction of Self in Personal Documentary Films from Iran ... Dr. Jose Mauricio Saldanha-Alvarez (Fluminense Federal University, Brazil), Reconstructions of Identity in the Era of Catastrophe: The Book of Eli ... Dr. Asma Sayed (Athabasca University, Canada), The Politics of Chastity in Bollywood ... Nadine Seligmann (University of Art and Design, Austria), The Director as Star: Alfred Hitchcock ... Dr. Alexandra Simon-López  (University of Eastern Finland), Hybrid Identities and the 'Fictive We' in Dominik Graf’s TV Crime Series In Face of the Crime ... Dr. Jo Smith (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand), Indigenous Identities On-screen: Maori Television in the 'Post-Broadcast' Era' ... Prof. Alejandro Solomianski (California State University Los Angeles, USA), Cinema and Social Change in Argentina: From The Official Story (1985) to The Secret in their Eyes (2009) ... 


Prof. Jon Solomon(University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA), Art, Commerce, Intertextuality: Ben Hur ... Dr. Melle Starsen (Upper Iowa University, USA), Victim or Exterminator? The Female Avenger in Blaxploitation Cinema ... Dr. Adriana Stefanel (University of Bucharest, Romania), Cinematic Representations of Otherness in the Era of National Communism in Romania ... Dr. Heike Steinhoff (Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany), Questions of Urban MasculinityRefn’s Drive and McQueen’s Shame ... Dr. Michael Stewart (Queen Margaret University, UK), The Death of the Father as Cultural Renewal: The Edge of Heaven and Father of My Children ... Dr. Tatiana Suprun (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia), History on Russian Television: Solzhenitsyn's In the First Circle ... Marianne Tarcov (University of California Berkeley, USA), Critiquing The Homeland: Representing Motherhood in Noriaki's Minamata: Victims And Their World ... 


Prof. Anna Tarrago, Prof. Sue Aran-Ramspott (Ramon Llull University, Spain), The Character of Fear in the Work of Michael Night Shyamalan ... Ayten Deniz Tepeli (Preventive Mental Health Center, Kadikoy/Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts, Turkey), Female Identity in Turkish Cinema: A Psychoanalytic Perspective ... Helle Thorsøe Nielsen (Aalborg University, Denmark), Representations of Provinicial Identity in the Danish 'Smart' Film: Genz's Terribly Happy ... Judith Townened (City University, UK), Media Plurality: From the Hyper-local to the National ... Dr. Konstaninos Tzouflas (Universite Paris Diderot - Paris 7, France), Local Stories, Global Identities: Iñárritu's Babel ... Dr. Peter Urquhart (Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada), Forms of Media Dominance: The ‘Orphan’ Television Channel in Canadian and International Broadcasting History ... Dr. Andrew Utterson (Ithaca College, USA), Cinema's Identity Crisis: Discourses on the Death of a Medium ... 

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We are delighted to announce that our latest ebook - The London Film and Media Reader 3 - is now available. 


It is a bumper volume of nearly 700 pages, comprising 60 essays from two dozen countries around the world.


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