FILM & MEDIA 2016: Registered Speakers


We are delighted to announce that

the following are Registered Speakers and Delegates

at FILM & MEDIA 2016, an eminent cohort

of emerging and established scholars

from 35 countries worldwide:


Australia / Austria / Brazil / Canada / China 

Croatia / Denmark / Finland / France / Georgia

Germany / Hong Kong / Iceland / India

Ireland / Israel / Italy / Japan / Kuwait / Kenya

Lithuania / New Zealand / Nigeria / Pakistan 

Portugal / Singapore / Serbia / South Africa

Spain / Sweden / Russia / Taiwan  

United Arab Emirates / UK / USA





Registered Speakers A - D



Olugbenga Ajayi (Bournemouth University, UK)

Questions of Narrative in African Cinema: Saworoide

Dr. Vinicius Andrade Pereira (University of Rio de Janeiro/ESPM Media Lab, Brazil)

The Role of Do-it-Yourself Culture in the Contemporary Media Environment

Dr. Linda Badley (Middle Tennessee State University, USA)

Female Authorship, Performance, and Cultural Value:

The Anti-Biopics of Mary Harron

Tamara Barreiro-Neira (University of A Coruña, Spain)

Humour and Protest in Chicano Cinema: Quinceañera


Dr. Melanie Bell (University of Leeds, UK)

Julie Christie: Feminism, Cultural Value, and the Star System

Eve Benhamou (University of Bristol, UK)

The Cultural Value of Nostalgia in the Animated Fairy Tale:

Disney’s The Princess and the Frog

Prof. Joao Victor Boechat Gomide (Universidade FUMEC, Brazil)

Questions of Race and Cultural Identity in Brazil: Black Orpheus


Gauri Durga Chakraborty (Amity University, India)

Reinterpreting Family Values in Bollywood Cinema:

Gender Stereotyping and Role Reversal in Ki & Ka

Dr. Pui Ha Chow (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Hong Kong 2025: Culture, Subjectivity and Dystopia in Ten Years

Dr. Margaret Cullen (Ohio Northern University, USA)

Narratives of Terror: The ‘Personal’ and the ‘Political’ in Spielberg’s Munich


Valerie Deacon (University of Winchester, UK)

The Transnational Transfer of Cultural Value:

Mediating On Her Majesty’s Secret Service through Film Posters

Ana Dosen (Singidunum University, Serbia)

Schizoculture in Japan: Reinventing Family Values in Noriko's Dinner Table

Phillip Drummond

(Academic Conferences London/New York University in London)

Questions of Gender, Knowledge and Identity in WWI:

The Cinematic Mata Hari

Dr. Nathalie Dupont (Unversity of the Littoral Opal Coast, France)

Religion in American Cinema: A Question of Economic and Cultural Value



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